Rain, hail, severe temperature fluctuations and wear and tear can irreparably compromise the waterproofing of the terrace, causing infiltrations and annoying losses in our home or in our neighbors , with all that follows in terms of costs.

When the waterproofing of the terrace is compromised, obviously the best solution is to remove the floor and replace the sheath. However, the intervention is invasive and requires, in addition to time, a considerable budget for the purchase of materials and installation by specialized personnel. The alternative, however, is there, it is simple to make, cheap and reliable.

Before proceeding
Before proceeding with any type of intervention, it is necessary to ensure that the screed has the necessary slope to let the water flow out, which otherwise would stagnate in puddles with the continuous and inevitable risk of infiltrations. If the screed does not have the right inclination, it is better to consult a professional for an operational advice based on the specific situation. If, on the other hand, rainwater flows away from your terrace smoothly, you can proceed with the waterproofing yourself:

The water-repellent resin is one of the most common and effective solutions: in fact it can be applied directly on the existing floor, without any demolition intervention, with a net saving.

The resin must be distributed over the entire surface: by penetrating the various cracks, cracks and cavities, do not leave any uncovered space. Once dry, in addition to being a valid waterproofing, it will also improve the appearance of the floor which will appear more shiny after application. Warning: the resin to maintain its water repellency must be applied repeatedly, at periodic intervals.

Transparent waterproofing membrane
Ideal for not too large surfaces, the transparent waterproofing membrane should simply be laid on the terrace floor. Elastic and resistant is the perfect solution for those who need to urgently deal with the “infiltration” issue, before being able to carry out a more radical intervention.

Elastic and polyurethane waterproofing membrane
The elastic and polyurethane waterproofing sheath is a perfect solution for those who do not want to remove the floor: it will have to be slightly larger than the surface to be protected, so that a sort of “flap” can be created on the vertical perimeter, high enough to contain any accumulation of water. After about 24 hours from the application, a new floor can be glued on the sheath.

The solution is quick and saves the costs of removing and disposing of the old floor. However, it inevitably determines the increase in the height of the pavement with what follows.

Waterproofing liquid
The waterproofing liquid is perfect for terraces with ceramic flooring: after a good cleaning of the tiles, proceed with a good brush on a first coat, which must dry for about 4 hours, and then on a second one. To maintain the waterproofing, the operation must be repeated at regular intervals (perhaps before the beginning of autumn).